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Adoption Policy


I do not accept deposits prior to birth nor do I create waiting lists...


I DONT believe that you should have to pay to wait for one of my kittens! Not bashing those who do at all. This is personal preference to make life as less stressful as possible on myself.

The only way someone will be contacted first and put on a list is by the unfortunate event of there kitten passing prior to pickup. This doesn't happen often but sadly it has happened and all breeders have had this issue a time or two if they say they don't then that is clearly a untruth. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone don't get me wrong and I do my best to make sure all deposits/contracts are put on a healthy kitten.

Once kittens are born I will wait roughly 3 weeks maybe 4 for there eyes to open and I am Comfortable with their overall health. I will then announce that I am available to make appointments to discuss ADOPTION go over Adoption fee what it covers as well as my contract. This is for your piece of mind as well as my own. My contract is very detailed and I'm available to discuss it at anytime. Just remember kittens go fast and I do not hold with out deposit past 4 week age mark. I send contract out at 3 weeks so that gives you several days to read initial and sign along with deposit made.

All of my kittens are first come first serve ..

Please do not contact me asking for Special consideration. Everyone is treated exact same with all the respect and patience to help through process.

Now as for my prices..

The prices are the same for male and females but It is also based on breed. I do breed a variety of different breeds. So prices to range based on breed.

I will inform everyone of available litters and price when I announce birth. If baby is desired right at birth I am available to discuss with you. I will place pending then at 3 to 4 weeks we do contract and deposits. Once contract open you have 48 hours to sign and make deposit. If fail I will post that baby is no longer pending and available. I do not hold with out contract and deposit any longer no matter who you are. Please don't say so and so breeder sales for this price. I do not want to hear it. Every breeder is different and if you feel you can find one cheaper then I'm all for it and hold no grudge in anyway. I'm still available if you have a question. My advice is free so do with it what you will. You can take or leave it. It hurts no one to ask for help or give it.

Yes there is a Contract, it is QUITE EXTENSIVE and updated constantly through trial and error! For this purpose I do not post it however you are a Adult and free to chose to walk away from signing or not.. (However that has yet to happen)

Thanks for your time and consideration!! We are a open book!!

I have nothing to hide and here anytime for questions no matter of you purchase a kitten or not. I do not mind helping in anyway. I will go out of my way to help you and even refer you to other great breeders if asked. I truely believe a good breeder works with other breeders and learn from each other. All breeders take great pride in what we do. We continue to study and research to make sure we are knowledgeable on all issues. What may work one time may not the next so this is on going learning for us.

Thank you again

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