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  1. What breed of cats/kittens do you have? Sphynx, Bambinos, Dwelf, Elf, Minskin, Munchkin, Kinkalow, Lambkin and American Curls. We currently are not breeding Devon Rex but will in future again.

  2. What age do you release the kittens to their new homes?Our kittens are ready to join their new families between 14 and 16 weeks old, ensuring they are well-socialized. All kittens will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving for new home.

  3. What health guarantees do you provide for your kittens? 1-year guarantee/protection against genetic and cognitive defects. 2-year guarantee against HCM. (Contract describes in detail on what's not covered in guarantee as well as what can cause breech of contract)

  4. Are your kittens vaccinated and dewormed? Kittens receive a minimum of two vaccines usually given at 10 and 14 weeks of age and routine age-appropriate deworming treatments.

  5. Are your kittens tested for FeLV/FIV and other health conditions? All Adult breeders are FeLV/FIV negative, and we also conduct fecal tests and normal range blood work as part of our health protocols before breeding. We also prescreen for HCM & genetic test all of our adults prior to breeding to insure good healthy kittens. (Just because breeders screen hcm negative doesn't mean it won't happen or will not pass on to kittens. HCM is in the Sphynx and we try to not produce a kitten with hcm but sadly it still can happen. )

  6. Are you kittens registered? All kittens are TICA registered

  7. How much do your kittens cost? The pricing varies depending on the breed. Listed below are Pet Prices only Sphynx and Elfs are $2300.00 Bambinos and Dwelfs are $2600.00 Munchkins are $1200.00 Kinkalow and Lambkins are $1500.00 American Curl are $1200.00 We Are also breeding Dominant Blue eyes (DBE) in all breeds. DBE kittens are $500.00 higher in price.

  8. Do you sell Breeders? No normally I do not sell breeder. I do work with a few other breeders and we do give each other rights. I only do this with trusted breeders I work well with. If you not experienced I will not sell you a breeder. I recommend getting a mentor and letting them help you get started as well as be your support person that can provide with knowledge to be successful.

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