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Always look at your packet

What to do when you bring your new kitten home?

1. Get your packet out and look at everything. Find the to go home guide read this first thing.

2. You should have already ordered and have received food, bowels, litter, litterbox, and kitten necessities prior to pick up. If not done do that as soon as you get home and kitten settled.

3. Sign up for free insurance offer. This must be done on 1st day of getting or Trupanion will not honor

4. Order immune boost supplement. You will have gotten pamphlets and sample. This is what I already have kitten on.

5. Make appointment with vet for new baby wellness check. Needs to be done within the first 48 to 72 hours of being home. Do not allow any shot or blood drawn. This can cause stress(also in 5o go home Guide)

6. Babies need time to adjust to all the new things happening in their life so go slow, be patient, and show lots of attention and love.

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